Slop on Top

A no-frills, b&w website to get us by...

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- What is Slop?
- Slop is a generic term we use to describe the chili-like recipes we have. Though it doesn't sound glamourous, it tastes amazing! Just ask your adventurous friends that have already had it.
- Where are you located?
- It just depends on the day. :)
- So, how should I find you?
- Your best bet is to check Facebook or Twitter
- Do you have any vegetarian options?
- You betcha we do. Every day!
- Do you have any vegan options?
- Absolutely, though, not every day... probably 80% :)
- I'm gluten free... now what?
- Come on down! We're gluten free... mostly. Last time we checked only 1 slop wasnt.